10% Increase in Tourist Arrivals in Mauritius in 2016

The number of tourists coming to Mauritius has increased by 10% compared to the same time period last year (January to April), says Statistics Mauritius.

tourism in Mtius

The latest figures published by Statistics Mauritius indicate that 419,828 tourists have travelled to the island so far. This is partly due to a 10.1% increase in arrivals by plane – 407,642 for this year, as opposed to 370,248 last year.

As for tourists coming to Mauritius on cruise ships, the number has increased by 6.8%.

Most of the foreigners are from France, with 25.3% of the tourists, from Reunion Island (11%), and from the UK (9.1%). Otherwise, Asians also constitute a significant proportion of tourists, with 26,920 and 23,429 travellers from China and India respectively.

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