1,242,000 Tourists Expected in Mauritius in 2016

We are expecting 1,242,000 tourists this year, according to the latest report of Statistics Mauritius, published on Friday.


Statistics Mauritius had previously forecasted 1,230,000 tourists to be coming to Mauritius in 2016. However, it has now reviewed its figures, and put the estimate at 1,242,000.

The updated estimate is 7.7% higher than the one in 2015.

For the first trimester of 2016, the number of tourists coming to the island was at 327 836, a 12.5 % increase compared to the same period last year. Once again, the majority of them are found to come from France; furthermore, 4.7% more tourists from France have visited the island this year. As for the arrivals from Turkey, they have increased by 546.4%. However, a 3.4% decrease is noted for the Chinese.

Another finding is that 16.7% of tourists are in the age group beyond 60 years old.

Given the updates figures, the total revenues to be generated will be around Rs 55 billion.

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