Ajinomoto Ban in Mauritius: Importer Contests Government’s Decision

Now that Ajinomoto has been banned from being imported to the country, an importer of the product will contest the government’s decision in court.


The ban on the import of Ajinomoto has turned into a controversial issue in Mauritius.

The decision was announced by the Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Consumer Protection, Ashit Gungah, earlier.

The new measure will involve only Ajinomoto, and will not include other products containing sodium monoglutamate; the latter is deemed to be harmful to health (though opinions differ), hence the ban on Ajinomoto. What about the other products containing this substance? According to an MMM deputy, Zouberr Joomaye, specific regulations as to products with sodium monoglutamate would be a better choice, reports DefiMedia.info.

However, proponents of Ajinomoto have another version of the situation. For instance, one of the importers of the product, Thierry Man Hin, says that the food item is 100% natural, and certified Halal and vegetarian. He argues that according to the World Health Organisation, no scientific evidence exists to claim that it is harmful to health. He also adds that sodium monoglutamate is present in breast milk, cheese, and chicken. He, therefore, intends to contest the government’s decision in court, according to DefiMedia.info.

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