Bomb Hoax At Airport of Mauritius: Rs 50,000-Fine for Stephane Georges

Stephane Georges from France has been found guilty of “bomb hoax” by magistrate Niroshini Ramsoondar, the vice-president of the intermediary court, and he is to pay a fine of Rs 50,000.


Stephane Georges had initially pleaded guilty when the case started. The crime he committed dates back to January 27 of this year. A security agent at the Airports of Mauritius Ltd had spotted him after his luggage had been scanned, and when the former approached him, Stephane Georges blurted out that he had a bomb in his possession.

The Frenchman was, therefore, arrested by the police. His luggage was also thoroughly searched, and nothing was found. He then said that it was a joke, and apologised to the authorities.

Commenting on the high amount of the fine, the magistrate explains that a low fine will not be reasonable given the circumstances, and will not be a deterrent to other individuals wanting to try out this type of jokes.

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