Brick Wall ‘Optical Illusion’ on Facebook Explained

If you’re on Facebook, you must have come across the newest ‘optical illusion‘ post that has gone viral.


Many were left puzzled as to the image of a brick wall. Many more have questioned its description.

What is this brick wall all about? Is it more than a brick wall? What am I supposed to see, you must be asking yourself.

Alright, alright, look at it again. Still nothing?

Bear in mind that it has been described as being the “one of the best optical illusions” by the one (Arron Bevin) who posted it on Monday.

It is to be noted that it was pointed out to Arron that it might not be an optical illusion at all to begin with, and he did kind of agree with that suggestion.

So, what are you supposed to see? (If you haven’t already seen it, and rolled your eyes!)

There is a cigar poking out in between two bricks. Yeps, that’s it. No big deal. No wonder so many people have dismissed the image. Just a brick of wall with a piece of cigar that you probably saw already. Mystery solved. Yay.

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