CEB Project: Renovation of Fort-George Thermal Plant

The thermal power station of Fort-George of the Central Electricity Board (CEB) will soon be renovated with the aim of enhancing energy production.


The CEB intends to renovate Fort-George thermal plant to double its energy production. For this purpose, two gas turbines and a steam turbine will be imported from Sweden. This project is expected to cost around Rs 10 billion.

According to, the project will be a three-year programme. CEB will be sending out tenders through a foreign firm which will also be supervising the renovation works.

It is to be noted that Fort-George plant is over 150 years – it is high time for renovation. By 2019, it is expected to have been turned into a new, modern one.

The CEB also plans to set up two more stations for the production of electricity at Case-Noyale and at Flacq; Rs 6 billion will be invested to fund these projects.

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