Eithad Airways Flight Caught in Turbulence: 31 Passengers Injured

An aircraft of airline company Etihad Airways has been caught in a turbulence zone at a location between Abu Dhabi and Jakarta, today, May 3. As a result, over 30 passengers have been injured. Thankfully, they all landed safely shortly after.


Jakarta-bound flight EY474 got hit by “severe and unexpected turbulence” only 45 minutes before its scheduled landing. This led to 31 passengers being wounded. Nine of them have had to be taken to the hospital once the airplane landed which happened safely, thankfully. The other 22 passengers have sustained only minor injuries, and paramedics attended to them at the airport itself.

The aircraft also suffered from the turbulence: Etihad Airways says in a statement that it has been damaged in the storage areas.

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