Indebted Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Mauritius Ranks 14

Mauritius ranks 14th among 45 indebted countries of sub-Saharan Africa.


The annual classification undertaken by the firm Mays Mouissi puts Mauritius on position 14 among the countries of sub-Saharan Africa which have incurred debts.

The country has debts of up to 58.3% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Mauritian government and the International Monetary Fund aim at reducing this rate to 50% by 2018. The means and ways they will come up with to accomplish this will be revealed during the presentation of the Budget 2016-2017.

As for the overall evaluation, Eritrea is found to be the most indebted country of them all with a rate of 125.6% of its GDP. The least indebted countries are Nigeria (13.3% of its GDP), Botswana (15.6%), and Congo (19.8%).

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