Kreol Included in Mauritius Nine-Year-Schooling Programme

The kreol language will be incorporated into the list of “non-core subjects” of the new school curriculum pertaining to the Nine-Year Basic Continuous Education. The procedures to doing so have already started, reports


This endeavour has been promoted by the Government Teachers’ Union (GTU) for a long time now. The GTU had proposed for the kreol language to be taught beyond the level of standard VI. The Ministry of Education finally conceded on Friday, April 29.

As per the new decision, kreol will be taught till Grade 9, that is, till Form III.

According to the President of the GTU, Vinod Seegum, this initiative will be filling a huge gap that characterises the current school programme, reports He explains that students not enrolled for oriental languages would have nothing to do when their classmates would be in their respective classes, but the inclusion of kreol in the primary school curriculum provided an opportunity for these students to learn an ancestral language. By having kreol taught at upper levels, the knowledge of the latter will not be lost as they will be able to study it again.

Meanwhile, the procedures are underway, at the level of the ministry, to accommodate for this addition.

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