Launching the Indian Ocean Marketing Association (IOMA)

The Indian Ocean Marketing Association (IOMA) was officially launched yesterday, May 12.

The main aims of the IOMA include promoting standards of professional competence, ethics, and integrity among the experts in marketing in the Indian Ocean.

The focus will be on individuals from marketing companies in the Indian Ocean, explains the president of the organisation, Cyril Nicholas, in a statement reported by

During a press conference at St-Georges Hotel, Port-Louis, Cyril Nicholas explained how particular courses will be made available to Mauritians by the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) of South Africa. Through the IMM’s programmes, the courses will cover the topic of standards of marketing. IOMA also wishes to make other courses pertaining to the development of professional competence accessible to Mauritians.

Also, IOMA is expecting around 6,000 members. Registration as members will be open to those intending to benefit from training in marketing; this will include businessmen or ‘autoentrepreneurs’.

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