Lottotech At Odds With the GRA

Lottotech Ltd and the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) have been at odds with each other following the announcement of the measures pertaining to the budget last year. One of the changes to be implemented was the ban on the selling of scratch cards and advertising for the National Lottery. Now, the latter complains that the GRA has not respected its contract, and will soon send a formal notice.


Lottotech had previously asked for a financial compensation after the measures of the budget 2015 were to be applied. However, the GRA had not conceded to its official request. Lottotech also argued that the rate of contribution to the Consolidation Fund should be reviewed, and this too was not considered by the GRA.

The CEO of Lottotech, Michelle Carinci, says in a statement to l’ that their firm should be compensated because of the budgetary measures having impacted negatively on their Business Model. Their net profits went from Rs 166 million in 2014 to Rs 40 million last year. The selling of Loto tickets also decreased from Rs 2.7 billion to Rs 1.6 billion from 2014 to 2015.

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