MH370 Debris: New Object Found in Rodrigues

A non-metallic object found in Rodrigues is thought to be debris of the MH370 aircraft. This is yet to be confirmed though.

Debris discovered by a French. Photo credits:
Debris discovered by a French. Photo credits:

A second piece of debris of the MH370 aircraft has allegedly been found, says the National Coast Guard (NCG), reports

An 80-by-40-centimetres object was discovered around two weeks ago by a French tourist at Bernache islet. He had handed it over to a skipper, who only presented it to the authorities this week. The NCG will now take a series of pictures of the object, and will also contact the Civil Aviation department of Malaysia. If it appears to be from the MH370 aircraft, experts will be sent to Mauritius to bring it back.

The search for the missing aircraft has never been fully successful. Rescue and search teams have been deployed in many regions of the Indian Ocean, but nothing was found for months. However, last year, debris found off the coast of Reunion Island were later confirmed to have belonged to the aircraft. Perhaps, more debris linger near the Mascarene Islands…

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