PRB Report: 5-8% Increase in Salaries of Government Members

The report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) concerning the salary recommendations for members of the government will be presented today, May 20, during the cabinet meeting.


According to l’, the increase in salary varies from 5 to 8 %.

The Minister of Civil Service Affairs, Alain Wong, says in a statement to l’ that it is the norm for ministers, deputies, private parliamentary secretaries, and other personalities from the political world to be compensated like other civil servants, pertaining to the PRB. According to him, their salary increase has been kept to the minimum.

The proposed figures to be validated by the cabinet are as follows:-

  • President of the Republic: Rs 373,485 to Rs 384,156
  • Vice-President: Rs 256,200 to Rs 263,520
  • Prime Minister: Rs Rs 540,939 to Rs 556,394
  • Deputy- Prime Minister: Rs 345,324 to Rs 355,190
  • Minister: Rs 337,554 to Rs 347,198
  • Deputy: Rs 141,326 to Rs 145,364

As for the salary compensation of private parliamentary secretaries, they will be having the greatest increase – as per the reports of l’, their salaries will be rising by Rs 10,000.

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