Price of Fuel in Mauritius: Likely to Remain Unchanged

The price of crude oil has been practically doubled on the international market, reaching 50 American dollars per barrel for the first time in 2016. What will this entail for Mauritians?

price of fuel

The price of fuel was reviewed locally four months ago. Now, the Petroleum Pricing Committee (PPC) will soon hold a meeting to discuss the rise in the price of crude oil. reports that the organisation will not follow the international trend by increasing the price for Mauritians.

Back in February, the prices of petrol and diesel were at Rs 38.85 and Rs 29.50 per litre respectively. These prices will most probably remain the same following the review to be done in a few days’ time.

Mauritian consumers will not have to bear the burden of the steep increases on the international market because the State Trading Corporation (STC) will take from the Price Stabilisation Account so that the price of fuel remains unchanged, reports

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