SBM Robbery Updates: Thieves Took Away Rs 120,000

The robbery at the SBM branch of Royal Road, Port-Louis, is still being investigated by the police.


The thieves allegedly took away Rs 120,000 from the bank. The police has not yet found the criminals. The Criminal Investigation Division of Port-Louis (North Division) are still trying to find out their identities.

The thieves had forced open an automatic teller machine; the incident is thought to have occurred on Sunday, 15 May. They even tried to open a safe deposit; according to, they used a cutting torch to do so, but were eventually unable.

Crime scene reconstruction led the officers to conclude that the thieves got access to the bank via a fanlight; they reached it from a corridor separating the bank from another building. They deactivated the security cameras once they got inside the bank.

Also, evidence suggests that they used water on the cutting torch to open the safe first. When they were, however, unable to do so, they went to the room containing money meant for the ATM and the electronic devices. In trying to obtain the money, they damaged money found in envelopes. Despite all this, they were ultimately able to take away Rs 120,000.

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  • Mauritius are full of thieves. Hotels, beaches, taxis, are full of thieves, working as waiter, waitresses, cleaners, who rob your belongings, such as money, cameras, laptops and the management does not help you to recover, instead, they pretend and prove you wrong. Beaches, they will rob you, taxis overcharge three times more, if you are a foreigner. Restaurants for a bottle of 2 liters charged you 5 times more than the store price. Masons, home contractors are the biggest thieves. The laws of Mauritius protects them.

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