The Mauritius Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit Will Use Drones to Monitor Suspects

The Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (Adsu) looks forward to using drones in its future operations.


The drones will be used during controlled delivery, and to identify potential drug-dealers, both on land and at sea. The images taken by the devices will then be presented as evidence in trials, if the need arises.

It is to be noted that we do not yet have any law regulating the use of drones. So, this project is still at its initial stages.

Now that the ADSU has pronounced its intentions, prisons in Mauritius might also follow suit in order to watch over their gates and surroundings.

The same system has been adopted by French police in Marseille. They have been making use of drones to monitor the activities of drug-dealers. Other countries have also adhered to this technology, for instance, Pakistan intends to thus keep an eye on bandits and terrorists in high-risk zones. Drones are also meant to monitor the crowds at football stadiums, like in Brazil, while in Germany, they are used for the monitoring of trains.

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