Winter 2016: Thousands of Influenza Cases

The number of influenza cases is on the rise again.


Now that the weather has gone colder, more and more people are falling sick. The number of influenza cases recorded at hospitals has gone from 3,293 from the week April 22-May 1 to 4,898 in the week May 16- May 22.

The situation was the same last year. With the arrival of May, the temperature spirals down, leaving thousands with cold infections as the immunity of individuals go through a period of adaptation to fight infections. This can lead to some falling sick, specially because of the relatively colder temperatures in the morning and afternoon.

The cold temperature will be maintained for the coming days because of a strong anticyclone developing in the south of the Mascarene Islands.

For the coming 24 hours, the general temperature for colder regions (the central plateau) will be around 14 to 16 degrees Celsius, while that of coastal regions will be at around 17 to 20 degrees Celcius.

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