Appeal For Chagossians to Return to the Archipelago Rejected By British Supreme Court

The appeal made by the president of the Groupe Réfugiés Chagos (GRC) for the return of Chagossians to their natal country has been rejected by the British Supreme Court.


The GRC and its president, Olivier Bancoult, have been fighting for the return of Chagossians to the archipelago that is occupied by the UK. A verdict of the House of Lords of 2008 forbids the people to do so. The GRC had, therefore, attempted to contest this judgement. However, their appeal has been rejected today, June 29.

According to the judges behind the rejection, «that there is no probability, likelihood, prospect or real possibility that a court would have seen, or would now see, anything which could, would or should have caused the respondent to doubt the conclusions of the 2B report, or made it irrational or otherwise unjustifiable to act on them in June 2004 [65]». Furthermore, they argue that «…neither they nor the fourth provide any basis for setting aside the 2008 judgment [66-71]».

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