Car Fitness in Mauritius: Private Centres To Open In August

Three private  cat ‘fitness’ centres will be opened next month in Mauritius to evaluate vehicles. The new ‘fitness’ centres will be operational as from August 15. It was previously rumored that they would be evaluating a number of details pertaining to vehicles. However, according to media reports, most of the tests will be done visually.

car fitness

New technological equipment will be used to examine vehicles pertaining to their exhaust pipes, wheels, car suspensions, brakes, headlights, and potential oil leaks. If a vehicle does not meet any one of these six criteria, the owner will not obtain his fitness certificate. Rather, the vehicle will be subject to a visual examination.

The minister of transport and public infrastructure, Nando Bodha, had a meeting with the promoters of the three fitness centres earlier this week whereby the latter clarified certain points before the opening of their centres.


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