Chagos Controversy: Bilateral Relations Between Mauritius & the UK & the US Might Be In Danger

The statements of Mauritian Prime Minister Sir Anerood Jugnauth (SAJ) in Parliament back in May pertaining to Chagos Islands have had an intense response. In a joint letter of the British High Commission, the UK and the US have spoken against the claim of the Mauritian Republic to the Chagos.


The PM had given the British authorities an ultimatum to have the Chagos returned to Mauritius; if this request was not met, action would be taken, had said SAJ.

«I asked for a reply to be given to my request by the end of June 2016, otherwise Mauritius would take appropriate action at the international level, including at the United Nations»

On the other hand, the US asserts that they have been «absolutely clear about UK sovereignty of these islands, which have been British since 1814», and that Mauritius’ claim to the islands is recognised by neither the UK nor the US, reports l’

The UK and the US have also requested the PM not to go forward with his intent of involving the UN. However, they also add that the bilateral relationships between Mauritius and these two countries might have to bear the resulting impacts if this persists.

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