Diving Under The MV Benita: Minister Alain Wong Part of the Team

The Minister of Environment, Alain Wong, will be diving under the ship MV Benita at Le Bouchon to film the hull.

Minister Alain Wong. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.

The video to be made available will allow experts to understand the cause of the wreckage.

Minister Alain Wong will be participating in this endeavour, reports DefiMedia.info. He says that he is not being involved in a “cinema” as many might tend to think. Rather, he is playing an active role in this exercise because of his interest in the matter.

However, he does add that he is conscious of the danger entailed, given that the sea is rough, and that sharks might also represent a threat in that area.

He will also be included in a team working on an evaluation of the damage done during the wreckage of the ship.

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