Drones in Mauritius: New Rules & Regulations

The use of drones in Mauritius will be regulated by the government.


The new rules and regulations pertaining to the use of drones in the country are meant to preserve security. The vice-prime Minister, Xavier-Luc Duval, wishes to bring in the changes to protect our airspace. One of the main issues is that drones should not put anyone in danger, nor should they cause destruction to objects.

Another rule is that drones should be directed in regions within the field of vision of the user so that no accident occurs whereby the device collides with other drones, or with people and objects, or vehicles. Also, the maximum height of flight will be set at 120 metres from the ground; however, there might be exceptions granted by the director of civil aviation. Flying a drone in sensitive zones will also need the authorisation of the control unit of air traffic.

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