Freeing MV Benita: Dynamiting Operation

The MV Benita will soon be freed from the clutches of the coral reefs at Le Bouchon as a dynamiting operation will soon be implemented.

MV Benita stuck in coral reefs. Photo credits:
MV Benita stuck in coral reefs. Photo credits:

The MV Benita is still stuck in our coral reefs at Le Bouchon.

The vessel will possibly be freed this week as an operation entailing dynamiting has been scheduled.

Last week, the authorities focused on removing its fuel oil to avoid any incident of it spilling into Mauritian waters thereby causing pollution. Police helicopters were used to assist the process; the fuel oil was taken from the ship to a nearby football playground from where it was then sent to a company located at Montagne-Blanche, where it would be treated. This process will soon come to an end as nearly all of the fuel has been removed.

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