GRSE Tragedy: Skipper of Capsized Boat Released on Bail

Accused of involuntary homicide, the skipper of the boat that capsized at Grand-River-South-East leading to the death of 4 individuals including a baby and a child, was released on bail today afternoon, June 10.

Louis Hayward Marie, skipper of the capsized boat. Photo credits: L'
Louis Hayward Marie, skipper of the capsized boat. Photo credits: L’

Louis Hayward Marie appeared in court today afternoon. He was liberated following the payment of a Rs 10,000-bail. He also signed an acknowledgement of debt of Rs 20,000.

The tragic event occurred on Wednesday, June 8. When the boat overturned, three people onboard drowned. The fourth victim died while trying to save his 7-month-old baby.

Who was at fault? The skipper or the bad weather or the passengers of the boat? While the latter argue that there was no life jacket on the boat, the skipper says that he had explained the security measures to them but that they only did the opposite, and that at a given moment, they were even dancing and jumping. He adds that some of them were moving too much.

Grand-River-South-East Tragedy: Man Dies While Trying to Save His Baby

Upon reconstructing the crime scene, life jackets were found. When asked whether he had given them to the passengers, the skipper says that he did make them accessible to the people.

Regardless of reasons, lives have been lost, and this tragedy will remain on the minds of Mauritians for years to come.a

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