Introducing Plain Cigarette Packs in Mauritius

The government is currently considering to introduce plain cigarette packs.

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Plain cigarette packs, also known as generic or homogeneous cigarette packaging, come without colour and logo. The Mauritian government is currently studying the possibility of introducing them in the country, says

According to the Minister of Health, Anil Gayan, this comes as a recommendation of the World Health Organisation (WHO); he argues that Australia has witnessed positive results following the introduction of this type of cigarette packs.

In a statement to RadioPlus, Minister Gayan explains that the number of smokers has decreased in Australia thanks to this method. Applying it to the Mauritian context would, thus, be desirable. The minister points out how young people in Mauritius are targeted by the tobacco industry, and that, therefore, they are currently conducting a study to evaluate tobacco smoking among the youth.

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