Landslide Management in Mauritius: Not Enough Qualified Engineers

During a workshop held today, June 13, to discuss Landslide Management, minister Nando Bodha has affirmed that we do not have the required expertise in Mauritius to identify when and where landslides are occurring in the country. He, thus, says that a protocol has to be formulated to reduce potential hazards to the minimum, and that preventive measures need to be set up.

landslide management
Minister Nando Bodha during the workshop. Photo credits: L’

The workshop was organised by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure in collaboration with the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) which is assisting the Landslide Management Unit since four years.

Minister Bodha says that there is a lack of qualified engineers in this particular domain; he argues that we do not have the expertise to implement preventive measures to protect from landslides. Furthermore, he asserts that the local parties involved should be taking their own responsibilities, and that the JICA is only here as a guiding hand. He emphasises the need to be able to manage any problem in this field that might arise in the future. He does add that an engineer is currently in Japan enrolled in a master’s program in geo-technology.

Meanwhile, a JICA expert has identified 37 high-risk regions which include Chitrakoot, Quatre-Soeurs, and Vallée-Pitot; the latter three will be included in a pilot project that will entail the implementation of certain measures.

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