MV Benita: Mauritian Police Rescues Liberian Ship Crew

The police sent out search teams, today, June 17, at Le Bouchon to tow the Liberian vessel going by the name of Lib MV Benita that was been shipwrecked near Mahebourg yesterday.

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The ship was to reach South Africa after having left India. It was not carrying any merchandise. reports that the shipwreck happened after members of the crew had a fight. One of them was also found to be injured; he was, thankfully, transported to the hospital after he was rescued by the police helicopter. Otherwise, they are all safe and sound. The one suspected of having started the fight has been arrested.

The police helicopter that participated in the search was, however, impeded by drones that were present in the region. In a statement to RadioPlus, Inspector Shiva Coothen from the Police Press Office explained that drones being flown in that area constituted great difficulty for the helicopter to assist the search teams. The police had, therefore, requested for people flying drones to avoid doing so for some time because of the disturbance they were causing to the operation.

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