‘MH370 Debris’ in Mauritius: Objects Subjected to Further Examination

Do the debris found at Gris-Gris and Bernache Islet come from the MH370 aircraft that had disappeared in the Indian Ocean back in March 2014?

Analysing the debris. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.
Analysing the debris. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.

The pieces of debris were discovered separately by officers of the National Coast Guard (on May 24), and a French tourist who had handed the objects over to a skipper who then relayed them to the NCG. They are thought to have belonged to the Malaysian Airlines aircraft MH370 that went missing two years ago. The Mauritian authorities contacted the Malaysian ones to inform them of the findings so that they could send an expert to the island to confirm whether or not the debris belonged to the aircraft.

Senior Air Accident Investigator from the Malaysian Ministry of Transport, Muhammad Imran Bin Ismaël, thus travelled to Mauritius to analyse the debris. When he examined the objects, he concluded that further analysis would need to be done to give a final answer. He had met with officers of the NCG today morning, June 1. He will be leaving on Friday, June 3, and the debris will be sent to either Malaysia or Australia for in-depth analysis.

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