MTML/ Harel Mallac Partnership: Enterprise Broadband Services

The two firms MTML and Harel Mallac will be entering into a collaboration to provide Internet connection under the name ‘Enterprise Broadband Services’ to companies.

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Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Ltd (MTML) and Harel Mallac Technologies intend to come together to cater for information and telecommunication services to companies specifically; the news was announced during a ceremony held at Ebene on Tuesday, June 14.

While MTML will be supplying the Enterprise Broadband Services, Harel Mallac Technologies will serve as ‘Manage Service Partner’, and the latter’s role will be to take care of installation, maintenance, and after-sales service.

This partnership has as main aim to offer a unique range of Internet services to companies, and the two firms also look forward to refer each other’s clients to one another.

Enterprise Broadband Services will include Internet packages with speed varying between 512 kilobits per second to 6 megabits per second. The services will be provided on a custom-made basis, whereby the clients will have the option of spelling out their needs which will be met through individualised service.

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