MV Benita Updates: Light Oil Spills Seen At Le Bouchon

Towing operation to free the ship MV Benita started early morning on Saturday 18th May 2016 near Le Bouchon, Mauritius. The MV Benita, a 44000 DWT bulk carrier is aground near Le Bouchon reef in Mauritius following a fight and mutiny among the crew members which occurred on Thursday night. The chief engineer of the ship has been arrested by the National Coast Guard of Mauritius while another crew member who was seriously injured has been transferred to a local hospital.


Photo source: Facebook

The ship which was built in 1998 and measuring about 181 m long was carrying about 145 tons of fuel and 30 tons of diesel. At around 10:00 today, photos showing oil spills near Le Bouchon were being shared on social networks.


Photo source: Facebook

A representative of the National Coast Guard however intervened on a local radio to clarify and confirmed that the situation is currently under control, while stipulating that there is no heavy oil escaping from the ship. According to a Sgt of the National Coast Guard, the oil spill shown above is due to sea water which has mixed with some of the oil in the hold of the ship.

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