Over 94,000 Tourists in Mauritius in May

New data indicates that over 94,000 tourists have visited Mauritius in May, making the total for this year (January to May) to be at 514,658.


Only 87,000 tourists landed in Mauritius during the same period last year. This month has, however, witnessed a significant increase: 94,830 tourists have visited the island, according to the latest statistics published today, June 8.

The Minister of Tourism, Xavier-Luc Duval, explains that the rise in the number of tourists is the result of effective targeting of emergent markets, and cooperation between the public and private sector.

The emergent markets include regions of East Europe; for instance, tourists from Romania have increased by 150% while those from Hungary have risen by 107%. Travellers from Ukraine have also spiralled upwards (by 57.3%).

The greatest increase comes from Turkey: 1,800 tourists visited the island last month, constituting a 859% increase.

A great proportion of the tourists, otherwise, come from the traditional markets, namely France, UK, and Germany (with 1,1%, 13%, and 52% increase respectively).

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