Wreckage of MV Benita: Fuel Oil Pumped Out

Pumping out the fuel oil of MV Benita has started today, June 21.

Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.
Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.

Liberian vessel MV Benita got shipwrecked in Mauritian waters at Le Bouchon on Friday, June 17. In order to avoid any oil spilling into the sea, the fuel has to be pumped out. The pumping exercise has begun today itself.

17 of the 125 tonnes of fuel oil have been pumped out so far. The equipment and apparatus needed to do so was placed onboard the ship via the police helicopter.

The oil that has been pumped out is then disposed of in reservoirs that can accommodate around 1,000 litres. It will be treated by a company specialising in this domain, namely Virgin Oil Company Mauritius, situated at Montagne-Blanche.

The pumping exercise will continue for two to five more days.

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