Mauritius Ban On Coca-Cola ‘Gender Issue’ Commercial Lifted

The ban on the Coca-Cola commercial on the ground of gender issues has been lifted.


The Coca-Cola ad in question was banned in Mauritius by the Ministry of Gender Equality
after a ‘gender-issue’ consultant made a complaint against its content; it was considered to be ”sexist” because the lips of a woman consuming the soft drink were displayed. A number of responses ensued in the aftermath of the ban. It has now been authorised to appear on billboards.

Yet another twist in the story, though, is that Coca-Cola itself has decided not to use the picture that has been the object of criticism.

According to the firm’s Senior Brand Manager, Valérie Rochecouste, Coca-Cola has a wide range of other pictures that can be used, and the other one was never chosen on purpose. She also adds (in a statement to RadioPlus) that billboards require for a variety of pictures.

The ban has been lifted by the ministry on July 26 after the latter prohibited the display of the ad. In a communiqué by Minister Aurore Perraud, it has been explained that instructions have been given to delete the arguments presented in a letter sent to the company Coca-Cola. An investigation is also ongoing, informs the minister in the message.

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