Chicken Production in Mauritius: Production vs Demand

The production of chicken has gone down by 2.3%, according to Statistics Mauritius.


Chicken production has decreased from 47,500 tonnes in 2014 to 46,000 in 2015; while this appears to be the trend, the demand for chicken and its consumption keep on rising. Distributors are allegedly saying that there is a lack of the food item on the market.

According to latest statisticsfood distributors are complaining at not having received responses following their queries to the authorities for a permit for the import of chicken. They argue that the price of chicken will be around 20 to 30% less than those currently being sold if the product is imported. They also mention that there are only few companies that are responsible for chicken production such that the chicken market is somewhat monopolised, thereby entailing risks of price increases. On the other hand, the import of consumer goods is restricted.

However, companies producing chicken are positive that the demand for the food item is being met. According to the latter, around 4,800 tonnes of chicken are being sold per year.

It is to be noted that chicken is one of the products that are sold in large amounts on a daily basis in Mauritius: for instance, 100 to 150 whole chickens are sold everyday in Winners’ supermarkets.

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