Has MV Benita Leaked Heavy Oil Into Le Bouchon Lagoon?

A black liquid comparable to heavy oil has been observed in the lagoon of Le Bouchon, according to inhabitants of the region.

MV Benita stuck in coral reefs. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.
MV Benita stuck in the coral reefs of Le Bouchon. Photo credits: DefiMedia.info.

The observation was made yesterday, July 21, said the inhabitants of Le Bouchon. They suspect that the liquid might be heavy oil coming from shipwrecked MV Benita that has been stuck in the coral reefs for some time now.

MV Benita got shipwrecked on June 8. Ever since, efforts have been made to remove it from the coral reefs. Meanwhile, concern over the possibility of oil spilling into the sea has retained the attention of both the authorities and the inhabitants. Could it be that what the people have been fearing has indeed happened? Nothing is confirmed yet, and the authorities have been requested by the inhabitants to intervene.

On the other hand, the police asserts that no such thing has been observed today morning. Inspector Shiva Coothen from the Police Press Officer said so in a statement to Radio Plus; according to him, the situation is under control.

Otherwise, the ship will be made to refloat soon; an exercise relating to this endeavour has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, July 23.

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