Mare-aux-Vacoas Reservoir Full to the Maximum

Mare-aux-Vacoas reservoir is currently full with rainwater.


In spite of the many complaints of Mauritians of a lack of water, the reservoir has been filled to the maximum thanks to the heavy rainfall in the last few days. Having reached full capacity, excess water has been leaking to the nearby road, reaching a forest found in the vicinity; another culprit would be the strong winds blowing over the island lately.

It is often argued that the Central Water Authority (CWA) and related authorities should come up with ways to save this water through better management of the resource which is apparently lost.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Public Service explains that the water that flows out is not actually lost as it is led to a river from the forest; from there, it goes into a water-treatment plant to be distributed to inhabitants of regions located in the south of the island.

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