Teenage Pregnancy in Mauritius: 107 Cases in Early 2016

Teenage pregnancy remains a social scourge in Mauritius: 107 cases have been recorded since the beginning of the year, according to the Mauritius Family Planning Welfare Association (MFPWA).

teenage pregnancy

Adolescent girls falling pregnant is nothing new in our contemporary world, and Mauritius also reflects this global trend. A number of factors come into play, thereby leading to this situation that does not show any sign of decrease any time soon either.

The MFPWA is approached by around 5 pregnant teenagers every week. This has been the case for a while now, says the director of the association, Vidya Charan.

She explains that many of these young people live in difficult conditions; some have been the victim of sexual abuse. In a statement to RadioPlus, she adds that the problem also involves stepfamilies adopting the wrong attitudes pertaining to this situation.

Commenting on the same topic, the Minister of Health, Anil Gayan, has urged the youth to develop a responsible behaviour; his statement was made pertaining to the World Population Day.

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