solar eclipse 2016 september

Annular Solar Eclipse: School Holiday in Mauritius on September 1?

Will a school holiday be scheduled because of the annular eclipse to happen on Thursday, September 1?

solar eclipse 2016 september

An annular solar eclipse will occur on September 1, 2016. Mauritians can witness it between 12h27 to 15h44 on that day. Telescopes, equipped with appropriate solar filters, have been set up at Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre at Bell-Village from 12h15 to 15h15 to allow the public to view the moon rendering the sun practically inconspicuous. The authorities have warned Mauritians of the danger entailed in looking directly at the sun during the eclipse.

The event is the talk of the week, specially among students, and not just because of the phenomenon itself. The President of the Government Teachers’ Union (GTU), Vinod Seegum, has requested the Ministry of Education to grant a school holiday on Thursday as a precaution. Nothing is confirmed yet though.

It is to be noted that the Mauritius Astronomical Society has also organised an eclipse-viewing event at Flic-en-Flac beach.

The eclipse will be visible in Madagascar, Reunion Island, and other regions of Central Africa. This area has not witnessed a total eclipse since 1901.

Find more details about the eclipse here.

Watch this space for updates, specially pertaining to the request for a school holiday.

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  • Pupils who ordered eclipse glasses and paid for it still have not receive them. At a Rose belle college those in charge even said that they probably will get it on Thursday or afterwards. It will be too late given that I ordered two glasses one for me and one for my child at school. They will not be given the permission to look at it. WHAT THE NEED OF SPECIAL GLASES THEN. This event is once in a lifetime and they are not given the opportunity to view it. VERY SAD.

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