Apollo Bramwell Hospital Renamed ‘Omega Ark Hospital’

Moka-based Apollo Bramwell hospital has been taken over by British firm Omega Ark today, August 1. The medical institution will now bear the name “Omega Ark Hospital”.

apollo bramwell

The updated logo of Omega Ark Hospital has already been displayed at the institution, on windows and doors.

The negotiations concerning the purchase transaction have lasted for a while; representatives of Omega Ark had to meet up with those of the government before the contract of the sale was signed. Finally, it had been decided that Omega Ark would not be the owner of the establishment, but rather of the business and equipment, while the hospital itself and the land would be State’s property. The British company will be managing the operations of the hospital for a period of five years, after which it will have the option of purchase.

The hospital is still, however, in the red list financially: in spite of the Rs 150 million-investment made by the National Insurance Company (NIC) Health Care Ltd in June, its situation has not been uplifted completely. A reform plan will soon be implemented, starting with an audit of human resources.

Otherwise, the Omega Ark management sticks to the original intention behind the creation of the hospital which is to aim for service excellence. They intend to bring technologically-advanced equipment together with a team of international level to attract foreign clients as well.

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