Cereals Prices Decrease By 15% in September

Made-in-Moris Products Introduced

The price of cereals will be decreased by 15% as from September 1, a measure included in the Budget 2016/2017.


The 15% VAT on cereals and cereal products will soon be lifted. Importers of the food item are currently working on the new prices as their implementation has been scheduled for the very first day of next month.

This measure is expected to boost the cereals market. It is to be noted that Rs 516 million of cereals were imported last year as opposed to Rs 500 million-worth back in 2014.

Meanwhile, importers are bringing in a greater variety of the products which are also being sold in packets of a wider range of weight.

Mauritians will also have the choice to buy locally-made cereals. ‘Made-in-Moris‘ brand Krusty, commercialised by the firm Trobe Co Ltd, is not only the first cereals producer for children in the island, but also in the Indian Ocean.

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