Congenital Heart Disease Surgery in Mauritius

Surgery will be performed on children suffering from congenital heart disease in Mauritius in the near future.

baby heartThe plan is as intended by the Trust Fund for Specialised Medical Care, announces its director, Vijaya Samputh. According to the latter, this project will only become reality in around six-months’ time.

Congenital heart disease involves an inborn anomaly in the structure of the heart, affecting the function of the organ in pumping blood to the body. 106 children suffer from this condition in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Normally, they have to travel to other countries for surgery – a situation that comes with a number of constraints, explains Vijaya Samputh, both in terms of the costs, and limited family support as the children are usually away from most family members.

The Mauritian government will be requesting for foreign expertise to assist in the development of the project in the island. The required equipment will also have to be imported.

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