Farm Animals Imported from South Africa for Eid-ul-Adha 2016

Meanwhile, local animals are vulnerable to foot-and-mouth epidemic

A cargo of 2,780 oxen has arrived today afternoon, August 17, from South Africa.


Imported by a firm named Socovia, the cargo is meant for the Muslim festival, Eid-ul-Adha.

In the aftermath of the foot-and-mouth epidemic currently affecting farm animals in Rodrigues and Mauritius, the Ministry of Agro-Industry had reassured Mauritian Muslims that there would be no dearth of animals to be slaughtered for the festival.

The necessary precautions were taken at the arrival of the cargo given that the contagious disease is still affecting cattle on the island. Veterinarians from the Ministry of Agro-Industry have examined the animals at the port in the presence of officers from Socovia. The oxen were transported to Sodia Farm at Saint-Martin after the procedures were completed. They are to be quarantined there.

Meanwhile, infected animals are being slaughtered as per the directives of the authorities. Over 20 farm animals have been killed today itself because they were carrying the pathogen. More than 600 animals have met with the same fate in Mauritius since the onset of the epidemic.

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