Infected Farm Animals: Mauritian Importers Ask for Financial Compensation

Thousands of Infected Animals Slaughtered in Mauritius & Rodrigues

Importers of farm animals are asking for a financial compensation from the State, given that the cargo that came to Mauritius has to be subjected to tests because of the foot-and-mouth disease epidemic that arose in Rodrigues.


The importers have requested for a meeting with the Minister of Agro-Industry, Mahen Seeruttun. They say that individuals rearing farm animals in Rodrigues have received compensations from the State while they themselves have obtained nothing. They argue that they have already taken money from clients to buy farm animals.

Animals were not supposed to be imported, according to Mauritian authorities, but a Mauritius-bound cargo was, however, sent to the island, and it remained in the port due to the risk of having infected animals onboard.

In the aftermath of the break-out of the epidemic in Rodrigues, it was decided that infected farm animals would be killed – a staggering 4,500 lot of them – to prevent the disease from propagating. In Mauritius, around 200 oxen, sheep, and goats have been slaughtered.

Meanwhile, the Mauritian government plans to buy 10,000 vaccines from Botswana, says the minister Seeruttun, as a measure to curb the epidemic by protecting uninfected animals.

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