(Infectious) Foot-and-Mouth Disease In Rodrigues

Several Cows Have Died As A Result

Over a hundred cows are suffering from foot-and-mouth disease in Rodrigues. A second analysis confirmed the suspicion yesterday, August 2.


The disease is also known as hoof-and-mouth disease. It is caused by a virus, and is characterised by fever. The bad news goes further: the viral infection is highly contagious. Having infected animals on a farm is, therefore, very dangerous. Foot-and-mouth disease is considered to be extremely detrimental to farming: those engaged in animal rearing are likely to incur great losses.

Until now, the authorities have recorded 175 cases, 8 of which have been fatal. Some cases might still be undetected, according to the chief veterinarian of the “Commission de l’Agriculture de Rodrigues”.

The north of the island is said to be the most affected of all the different farming areas in Rodrigues.

The authorities are currently working on eradicating the disease on the island. One of the measures implemented includes killing the infected animals.

Given that we import animals from Rodrigues, can Mauritius be vulnerable to the disease too? Import was actually forbidden after the appearance of the first symptoms of the infection in Rodrigues. However, a cargo meant to reach Mauritius had already left the island. Thankfully, though, the imported animals were quarantined upon their arrival, following an order from the ministry of agro-industry. The animals will be now examined by veterinarians before they are set free.

Meanwhile, animal farms in Mauritius are being visited by veterinarians to report any suspicious case.

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