Mauritian Street Foods Praised in CNN Article

Mauritians are proud of the street-food culture that has pervaded the island for decades now. Now, the rest of the world will also hear all about it.

street food

Mauritians are familiar with the street-food culture that is part and parcel of life on the island. The capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis, has recently been praised as one of the “World’s 23 Best Cities for Street Food” in an article published online by CNN.

The country is mostly famous for its 3S’: bright sun, blue seas, and golden sand. There has always been more to it, though – like the rich and diverse Mauritian cuisine and the warmth of its people demonstrated in its culture of street food. The CNN article praises the variety of foods available on our streets: from our good old ‘dholl-puri’ to our delicious ‘gateaux napolitaines’.

Perhaps, what makes of Mauritian street food special is the diversity that displays a mix of Indian, Chinese, and European influences.

The CNN list of street-food cities includes Marrakesh (Morocco), Bangkok (Thailand), Istanbul (Turkey), only to mention a few.

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