New Vehicle Fitness Centres Open Next Week

The number of vehicles not having passed the test in the private Fitness Centres is similar to the result obtained from visual examination, says the Koshik Reesaul from the National Transport Authority (NTA), during a press conference held today, August 10. It is to be noted that the new centres will be operational as from next week.

car fitness

The opening of new private ‘Fitness Centres‘ was announced some weeks ago. Vehicles will be evaluated there, and those not meeting certain criteria will not receive fitness certificates. The public initially showed concern pertaining to the test and the criteria.

It has now been found that the percentage of vehicles having failed the test was comparable to the actual value, which is around 15 to 20 %. A sample of around 100 vehicles was taken to determine the percentage.

Mr Reesaul seeks to reassure the public that the tests are based on parameters determined after the sampling.

Three centres will be accessible on August 16, at Forest-Side, Plaine-Lauzun, and L’Aventure, after which 22 more will be made operational. Each of these will be examining 100 vehicles on a daily basis.

Individuals whose vehicles have not passed the test will need to buy a “one-day permit” at Rs 400 at the NTA; the vehicles will be able to hit the streets so that the necessary reparation can be done.

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