Promoting ICT in Mauritius: Training Young Graduates & Secondary School Students

New Digital Technology & ICT Engineering Faculty At UoM

A series of measures will be implemented, as per the Budget 2016/2017 speech of the Minister of Finance, Pravind Jugnauth, on July 29, announces the Minister of ICT, Etienne Sinatambou, at the Emergitech 2016 conference of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), on August 3.


Promoting ICT in Mauritius will include incorporating modules on communication, creativity, and innovation in the curriculum of secondary school students. A step further will be taken for tertiary education: a Digital Technology & ICT Engineering faculty will be created at the University of Mauritius (UoM).

The Ministry of ICT will also be holding discussions with Chinese firm Huawei, looking forward to the setting up of laboratories to cater for ICT training at UoM, and at the University of Technology at La Tour Koenig.

The construction of another infrastructure is on the list; the ministry intends to negotiate with American firm Oracle to execute this project with the aim of providing for courses to assist young degree-holders and professionals in getting a job.

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