Solar Eclipse September 1st 2016 Visible Locations (Including Mauritius)

An annular solar eclipse will visible on September 1 2016 in Mauritius, Reunion Island, Central Africa and Madagascar. The solar eclipse will also be partially visible in parts of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.


solar eclipse 2016 september

We are about to see one of the most awaited celestial events of the year, the Solar Eclipse of September 1st 2016. The eclipse will begin at 06:13 UTC on September 1st 2016 (Approximately 10:13 Mauritian Time).

eclipse-animBelow are the visibility information for Mauritius Island:

The start of the partial eclipse is for 12:28 (Mauritian Time). The maximum eclipse will be visible in Mauritius at 14:13 and the partial eclipse will end at 15:44 – The maximum obscuration in Mauritius is expected to be around 89.15% – In simple terms, it is going to be noticeably dark in Mauritius. The annularity will last for 3 minutes and 6 seconds.

Below is a video showing the eclipse path:

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