Violence in Schools: Students Attacking Teachers

Assaulting Teachers is Becoming Increasingly Common in Mauritius

Violence against teachers is on the rise in our educational institutions, according to the Ministry of Education. Measures are being implemented to curb this trend.

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Over 20 cases of physical and verbal aggression against both teaching and non-teaching staff have been reported in two years’ time in schools in Mauritius. The former type involves 5 cases that are under investigation while the latter one includes primary and secondary institutions. What is the stance of the authorities regarding this scourge? Mentioned at the National Assembly on August 9, the alarming situation was discussed by the Minister of Education, Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, who explained that violence would usually come from students and their parents.

It is reported that these cases will often entail students, specially boys, attacking teachers who have reprimanded them. These teenagers will normally be those with poor academic performance.

Teachers have, therefore, been asking for more security measures to be implemented on school premises. The situation in primary schools seems to have improved, though. The president of the Government Teachers Union (GTU) , Vinod Seegum, explains that recent initiatives have proved to be fruitful: 13 primary schools have a security guard since 2013, and the public cannot visit the schools without reasonable justification.

The Ministry of Education has also come forward with other steps to curb the growing violence in schools. For instance, security cameras have been set up in many public colleges, and currently, 67 schools have a watchman. Also, police officers will often conduct patrols in the vicinity of secondary schools.

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