SC/HSC Exams: Cheating Cases Tackled

Now that the final year examinations have kicked off, invigilators will have to be on the look-out for students who cheat.


If some students are not productive with the whole revising-for-exams process, they will sure get creative at cheating their way through the examinations! Some go the traditional way by using pieces of paper on which they have previously written formulas and other answers or by simply writing them on their arms. Yet others use technological means like the mobile phone. This year, we have a new one: resorting to smart watches. Smart idea perhaps, but wouldn’t it be more awesome to actually study smart?!

Invigilators recruited by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate have been warned of the possibility that students might use smart watches to cheat during SC and HSC examinations this year. These devices are not allowed in the examination room, and invigilators are to ensure that students follow this regulation. If, however, students manage to bring in the device, it will be confiscated.

Otherwise, random cases of cheating have already been reported (note that exams have already started). In a college, a student had allegedly hidden a book in the washroom: this was found out when invigilators got suspicious of his repeated requests to go the toilet; upon investigating, they discovered the book.

Is there any repercussion as to this deed? As a matter of fact, Cambridge might decide to cut some of the marks of the students concerned, and in worse cases of cheating, the students might score a zero.

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